Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Faithbooking Challenge

I am sponsoring a faithbooking challenge at the Digital Simple Scrapbooks Yahoo Groups.

One option is the Alphabet faithbook. I'll have an Alphabet sketch/template that you can use, and the goal is to hit you with a new one about every two weeks so that we can get through all the letters of the alphabet in a year. IF you'd rather not use the template, but have your own interpretation of the letter (or a different word beginning with the letter...) again...this is YOUR book. Don't worry about whether you are doing what or how I want you to do or not. I am just giving you suggestions and ideas...YOU run with it!

Here is the link to template for the letter A.

There is a PSD format as well as a PSP format. They are exactly the same so only download one.

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katg1006 said...

Thank you!