Monday, November 27, 2006

Mon 11/27 Blog Prompt - Digital Scrapbook Place

What was your favorite childhood cartoon, comic, or TV show?

I know I haven't done one of these in FOREVER but I could not resist this. I am such retro cartoon freak! I love Boomerang and have hipped my kids to really good cartoons such as Super Friends (With or Without the Wonder twins!), Jem (truly outrageous...ooh ooh Jem is truly outrageous), Fat Albert, Land of the Lost, Captain Kangaroo, School House Rocks, Wonder Woman, You can't do that on television....I could literally continue this for days.

Coming soon to a theater----wait scratch that!

Coming soon to layout near you....the best thing since sliced bread---the hot potato...ok that was kind of lame and in my own defense, its after midnight and I am running out of steam! But I just had to preview my latest creation Brag Book sketch templates! These aren't your ordinary, plain jane (or even fancy nancy) 12x12 squares! They aren't even 8x11 rectangles that you oblong folk like!
These are super cute, totally original, 4x6 mini layout templates. Now you may be thinking WHY on earth would I want to create mini layouts in this size? Well you can take advantage of all those next to nothing 20 prints absolutely free offers that all the major photo sites, drug stores, and warehouse stores seem to be advertising. You can also purchase a brag book from your local dollar store (Dollar Tree is my favorite) fill it with said free or low cost printed layout and VOILA instant stocking stuffer for grandparents, godparents, anyone who loves that special kid or kids of yours! Here are two layouts I made!

Thats my darling MeMe who seems to be toddling away from babydom as fast as she can. She looked so grown up in her latest pic that I just had to contrast it to her newborn pic.

This is uses one of the sketch templates as well as my Candy Apple Cotton Candy kit. fonts are Kristen ITC and LD Delightful.

The second layout is also of MeMe....she is just so adorable with all her different expressions.

Journaling reads MeMe was all ready for our Fall Clean Up day! Her face was so serious I had to snap this picture! This is my Floral Dreams kit and another layout template. My MIL, GMIL, and various other assorted aunts and uncles will be getting Brag Books as stocking stuffers.
These will be in my store in next day or so....stop by and check them out....

Friday, November 24, 2006

Who doesn't like free?

Check out my new freebie Spiced Latte Lite. It matches my Spiced Latte kit and allows you to "try before you buy" It's three touchable papers, 1 tag, 3 glass heart charms, 4 stitched circle frames and a bonus art decoAdd Image element.

Stop by the store, snag it and let me see what you do with it!
Spiced Latte Lite

Make sure you check out the full kit while you are in the store! It has so much more in the same lovely color scheme.

Spiced Latte

You also see my new spring inspired kit, Floral Dreams, here
Here is a small preview of this 56 piece kit:
Floral Dreams

Are you missing spring? Still have Easter pictures to scrap? Or maybe its pictures of your garden in full bloom that are being neglected. Well now your problems are solved. This floral kit is perfect for any of these occasions as well as many others. The papers are soft and sweet. The elements are just plain old cute!

Toot Toot

Check out my recently published content on AC:
Digital Scrapbooking with Paint Shop Pro

Friday, November 10, 2006

RIP Gerald and other important news

"Gerald LeVert, one of R&B's most soulful voices of the last decade, died suddenly Friday at his home in Cleveland, Ohio. Levert, the son of Eddie Levert of the O'Jays, was 40 years old."

I have always been a huge fan of Gerald Levert. I guess you can say it is in my blood because both my mom and grandmother are huge O'Jays fans. I grew up listening to them so when Levert debuted back in the eighties, I was an instant fan. Through all the stages (new jack, adult contemporary) weight changes (big Gerald, slim Gerald, finally medium Gerald), I always loved his voice. My Forever Love is one of my all time favorite love songs.

I feel so bad for his family. I know the heartache of an unexpected death of someone that young and how devastating it is.

On to some good news....I have a SECRET!!!! Hopefully in a few days I will announce it. Stay tuned because freebies will be forthcoming to celebrate!

Friday, November 03, 2006


This was my gift to participants in my sketch Challenge last month at SBP. And I am offering to anyone who wants to play. There is also my try at the Font Challenge for CSE yahoogroup. Feel free to grab it as well.