Friday, December 29, 2006

A series of unfortunate events

no not the latest lemony snicket book...but the chaos that is my life. My pc has crashed twice in last month of so but both times I was able to nurse it back to life. In Novemeber I purchased an external hard drive (250gb) so I did not lose ALL my files but I did lose quite a bit of important stuff...I am going to see if any of it can be recovered. I have already decided on the new drive

Western Digital WD2500SB 250GB UDMA/100 7200RPM 8MB IDE HDD

Now just gotta get hubby to buy it......

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Wed 12/20 Blog Prompt

Fill in the blank and then tell us about it:

I enjoy CAR SHOWS now, but if anyone had told me that years ago, I would never have believed them.

I used to care less about cars, engines, etc. But my 8 yr dd Jay has gotten me hooked with his love of cars and especially "American Muscle". Camaro's, Shelby GT, Chargers....he can name and cite the specs on them from memory. And the more he gets into them, so do I! Here are some pictures from one of the many shows we have seen.

Tues 12/19 Blog Prompt

Tues 12/19 Blog Prompt

What sets you apart from the crowd?

I am different and don't mind being so! I am a total geek grrl and have been for years! I was cool with being a geek b4 it became cool. I love to read and my tastes range from Louis L'amour {Westerns} to Laurell Hamilton {Vampire fiction}. I definitely don't follow the crowd!

I'm so excited

why? I just LOVE, love this new website someone pointed me to (thanks Shea!). It's called Giveaway of the Day and can be found at You can get a different free commercial software every day. And this is GOOD stuff. Yesterday I grabbed an audio converter/ripper that I have been needing for some time. Today the program is
  • "ASTRA32 - Advanced System Information Tool is an ideal solution for providing comprehensive information about the configuration of your system. Not only does ASTRA32 provide a detailed analysis of your system it also offers diagnostics and comes with some powerful unique features such as a Drivers Troubleshooter and a quick HDD Health Status checker"
How useful is that going to be? Also don't forget to check out

Game Giveaway of the Day - Astro Fury

Monday, December 18, 2006

Whose your favorite book character/family?

If you could visit any book, and live inside of it, meet the characters, etc.... what book would you want to visit?

I have ALWAYS had my fave book families & or people I wanna meet
  1. Pevensies - Chronicles of Narnia
  2. Jamie & Claire Fraser - Outlander Series
  3. Meg, Sandy, Denys, Charles Wallace Murry - Wrinkle in Time series
  4. Anita Blake - Laurell Hamilton's Vampire Hunter Series
  5. Dr. Kay Scarpetta & Benton - Patricia Cornwell
  6. Dr. Alex Cross, Nana Mama, Jannie, & Damon - James Patterson
I could go on...................

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I'm dressing up my text for the holiday...whatta ya think? - christmas text

now if I can just get blogger to cooperate so I can change my header....

Be sure to check out my new kit, Most Wonderful Time of the Year...named after one of my all time favorite Christmas songs. This huge 68 piece kit is perfect for pictures taken during this most wonderful time of the year. Its full of textures and colors of reminiscent of holidays past. This kit is very flexible so can be used for things besides holiday pictures. It's can be purchased here or here for 5.99.

Here is a layout I created using it. I will be giving away a qp based on that layout. All you have to do is guess which milestone my 4 month old daughter just accomplished. Every correct answer will get the quick page and everyone who answers will get a 25% coupon on all my products. Here is a picture of my doll, Zaniyah.

She is growing up all too fast for the first ________________...tomorrow she will be