Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tues 8/15 Blog Prompt - Digital Scrapbook Place

Tues 8/15 Blog Prompt - Digital Scrapbook Place: "Today, list 10 attainable goals for you and/or your family that can be accomplished within the next year.

    10 attainable goals

  1. Complete hours in timely manner for virtual school

  2. Attend at least 3 home games to watch my daughter cheer

  3. Complete my Field Experience for school

  4. Visit dh family in Texas

  5. Visit my family in Cincinnati

  6. No tardies for the three kiddos in regular schools

  7. Have a family portrait done

  8. Have an anniversary portrait done of dh & me

  9. Use our Y membership weekly

  10. NOT BE PREGNANT next summer. After three summer pregnancies in three years, I can't survive that!


Bonnie said...

I can relate to number 10. I had one summer pregnancy, awful, awful, awful! I was fainting left right and center (and at that stage was still working, doing therapy work) so it was embarresing fainting in the middle of a session. I don't know about where you live, but here it can reach 38 degrees celcious.

Unknown said...

Your #6 sounds like my daughter, I have to call her every morning to make sure that she has gotten up. I got tickled when I read number 10, don't see how you survived the last 3.