Monday, August 14, 2006

Mon 8/14 Blog Prompt - Digital Scrapbook Place

Mon 8/14 Blog Prompt - Digital Scrapbook Place: "Today's prompt:

Start 10 sentences with the words 'I love...'

You can elaborate as much or as little as you like from there. Have fun!"

This is almost TOO easy for me as a married mom of I won't take the easy way out and name each of my kids and dh....

I love ....

  1. Snapple Lemon Flavor Ice Tea - this is my drink of choice

  2. Roller Coasters - preferably the ones at roller coaster capital of the world Cedar Point

  3. West Branch Beach - Dating back to childhood up until present, I have had great memories of time spent there

  4. Good Books-- nothing like finishing up a good book

  5. Muscle Cars - my 8 year old car aficiando has gotten me hooked on them...we love to go to car shows and take pictures

  6. Scrabble -- I play a MEAN game of scrabble.

  7. My DigiCam -- 8MP..whats not to love??

  8. Brachs Candy Corn -- one of my fave treats

  9. Summer Time - I love everything about summer and miss it terribly when winter comes

  10. and of Digiscrapping!!! -- this is a no brainer


Bonnie said...

I can't believe I forgot books! I love books too! And rollercoasters? oh my, you are brave!

Unknown said...

Wonderful list of loves. I could have gone on all day with mine.

Glynis said...

Great list! I have not tried Snapple's iced tea, and I don't do roller coasters, but just about everything else I agree with!!

Sandra Holmes Stanton said...

yes, roller coasters!!! I should have includede that too! Well done...

Meg said...

What a FUN list!! Great choices!

loonyhiker said...

I forgot to list my favorite candy! Enjoyed reading your list.