Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mon 7/10 Blog Prompt - Digital Scrapbook Place

Mon 7/10 Blog Prompt - Digital Scrapbook Place: "Summer: Sunny, warm, picnics, outdoors, sunshine, hot, sticky, sweltering, insects, bugs, camping, swimming, lakes, boating, summer, corn, carnivals, festivals, parades, beach, fun, celebrate, biking, hiking, campfires, pools, outdoors, watermelon, sand castles, ice cream.

sweet summer corn on the cob...is there any taste like that...slathered with butter and salt....or icy crisp watermelon...sweet and juicy.....sunny days are here again.

I learned last night on our evening news that we are in the dog days of summer here. Contrary to "pup"ular (ok bad pun) belief, the dog days of summer have nothing to do with canines and how they suffer in the heat but occurs when Sirius (the dog star) is in conjunction with the sun which ancients believed added to the heat of the sun, bringing sticky sweltering weather.... This period usually last from early July to mid August. Isn't it grand that two years in a row, I am in my third trimester during this period....

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Unknown said...

Oh you poor dear. Wishing you may cool evenings.