Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Tuesday's Update
For today let's think about "independence". What does it mean to you? Your family? Your life? Your future?

Independance has been a big deal on my mind this past couple weeks. Going to school has been getting harder and harder. But I realize that it is a choice so that I can express my independance. I recently started two home business in order to gain independance from the financial hardships on our family. My children are all in different stages of independance and its bittersweet to watch them grow and change. They all have their own thoughts and opinions and are not shy about expressing them It makes parenting them a challenge but it also tells me that I am raising THINKERS. That they will be able to use their brains to figure out if the path they are following is the right one with out me being there. In my mind thats the best way to prepare them for the future. My younger children (ages 11 months and 22 months) are doing typical toddler things.


Unknown said...

Great job you are doing Tiffers since you have thinkers instead of doers. I had two thinkers and one doer, he was constantly in trouble for not thinking about it first.

loonyhiker said...

Encouraging thinking is great! I read a book recently about important sayings and one mother told her child, "If I put it on your back, they can take it away. But if I put it in your head, no one can ever take it from you."

Karen said...

I agree Tiffers. Preparing your children to make the best of their adulthood is the one thing you owe them.

Anonymous said...

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