Thursday, April 13, 2006

tagbox, blinkie and a new layout

Ok I have been busy customizing and updating my blog that I just started YESTERDAY! =) But I have always loved tagboxes...that way if all someone wants to say is hi or I was here.. they don't have to post a comment.....I also created several custom graphics for my blog links....

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Now of course they aren't linked to anything right now but if ya see them on a forum or my other blog will bring ya right here!

Today I dropped in on Stacey's Speed Crop at do it digi...and let me tell you...getting the inspiration at 10 chatting till 11 and then posting a finished layout by 12 takes some work....but I loved the finished product!!!!!!

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The inspiration or theme was to only use papers no elements or anything else. I have actually done this before and its relatively simple because I am a paper freak and often prefer to use multiple papers as elements in my designs....

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Andria said...

Wow Tiffany I love all your Layouts they are beautifull not to mention your children are so adorable..I love al there names...some of them we have not heard before but looks like they all suit there given are one exceptional mummy and can tell from your LO that you and your hubby are proud of every single one of them..thanks so much for sharing your beautifull layouts with us..I stubled across your site but will definatly bookmark it and keep coming back for updates..thanks from sunny Brissy in OZ:-))